Ruse Soccer Club was formed in 1980, changing our name in 2005 to Ruse Football Club, following the trend of national and international associations. We originally had two teams playing in a local Southern Districts competition and were one of the foundation teams to join the Macarthur District Soccer Football Association.

The years have seen us grow to as many as 25 teams, including 3 representative senior teams in the semi professional Illawarra Football Association.

We currently have around 16 teams (junior and senior) and are now focussed entirely in the Macarthur region with 2 teams in the prestigious M-League competition.

Our club includes Junior Boys and Girls at various levels and age groups ranging from under six to under 18, and in 2012 we have an U/16 girls’ team as well as 2 All Age Ladies teams.

As a community based and non-profit Club we take great pride in the fact that we have been able to grow with Campbelltown over the past 30 years. During this time we have given many young people the opportunity to be involved in our sport thus providing an invaluable service to the Campbelltown community.

We are improving our player base though the development of our own local players and it is our intention to be able to offer more and more of our local junior players an opportunity to play at the highest levels in Soccer.

Ruse Football Club takes great pride in the knowledge that we provide such an invaluable service to the community of Macarthur. In coming years we anticipate being able to grow with the area’s needs, however servicing so many players is very expensive and sponsorship is a major factor. It is only through the help of local business that we can continue to serve the youth of Macarthur.

Our Mission Statement

Ruse Football Club is committed to promoting an inclusive and consummate football experience for all its members.

Ruse Football Club’s mission is to provide an opportunity for all our members to develop and grow in our community through participation in athletic competition. Our goal is to foster a welcoming, enjoyable, safe, and competitive environment which will assist in the social and physical development for all players regardless of skill levels.

Our Vision

To be a model soccer club in the Campbelltown area, with a long-term plan for existence and service to the community.

We exist to provide our players with opportunities to develop their talents in the sport through an enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding soccer environment. Through the commitment and dedication of talented, experienced, and enthusiastic coaches, the club serves as a platform for all of its players to learn beyond the field and to promote good sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork. It is our belief that our players, through participating in competitive soccer, learn important values, habits, and principles that come from their commitment to excelling in the sport and thus provide them with a foundation for developing not only as soccer players but as people.

We provide opportunities for all of our players, regardless of ability, skill level, or financial capacity, ethnicity, or gender to join our teams and participate in the sport. We make efforts to have teams and programs available that will enable our players to play at levels that will challenge them to perform, compete, and excel. We value the opportunity to teach and develop our players and are committed to helping those who are in financial need to be a part of our program. We serve and support our coaches with opportunities to continue to enhance and develop their knowledge and expertise.

Our Values

Continue to service our members, with a caring and joyful spirit and treat everyone in the soccer community with respect and dignity.

Our core values underpin the way we operate as a Club.

These are:

Respect           We will treat everyone with fairness and respect.

Honesty          We value open and honest communications with all our members

Nurturing      We have a commitment to developing our members and our community at both a sporting and personal level. We encourage a culture of understanding and tolerance within the Club.

Reliable         We will say what we mean and mean what we say.

Innovation     We welcome and encourage new ideas and innovation.

Teamwork      We value team work and collaborative effort to deliver the best possible service for our members